Request lyrics

Hi, Here you can request a lyrics, but read the rules before submitting a request…


  • Specify the name of the song
  • Specify the name of the artist
  • Specify the year (optional, but if there is, is better)
  • Specify the album (same of the year)
  • The lyrics must been in japanese (not K-POP)
  • The lyrics will be ready within one day or two (if I have free time even in some hours)
  • So, this is all, now you can submitting, and sorry if my english is bad <3



18 thoughts on “Request lyrics

  1. Hello! Thank you for your generosity in providing us lyrics 😊

    If I may request three songs, may I ask for

    Hanagoe (2017)
    Gyutto Kimi no Te Wo (2017)
    Hello (2017)

    All by Sakamoto Shougo!
    Thank youuu!!!

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  2. Independence
    Kanzaki elsa
    Can you put the lyrics for this song
    The anime is sword art online gun gale online much appreciated

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    1. Hello~ I tried to search the lyrics but I can’t find nothing about it, probarly because is a doujin album, so if no one else post the lyrics in a blog or the creator of the lyrics isn’t going to post as his own (blog or website), the lyrics can’t be found. I can’t neither write the lyrics by ear because over than the 30 second sample I can’t found nothing.

      So I am very sorry that I can’t help you.


  3. sorry, if possible I need the kanji and translated version too, and one more can I request lyrics of the ending song?

    Title : Shizuku no Kanmuri
    Artist : Wake Up, Girls!
    Year : 2017


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