Q: I want to request a lyrics, how I can?
A: go here: https://janimelyrics.wordpress.com/request/

Q: Can I post your lyrics?
A: Only if you quote me and put a link to this site

Q: Other questions?
A: Write here in the comments

About Me

I’m a student, that love anime, manga and etc., little by little I fell in love with their opening and ending and so I entered in this wonderful world of the J-Music, where the lyrics are the core of the song, they express a story, an emotion or even the characteristics of an a character, and so in free time, I like to read them and so I thought to publish them here, and yeah now I’m here LOL :D

Sorry about the english if I done some errors. I hope this blog helped you find what you were looking for.


page under construction…

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello! I would like to ask if you know any artists or bands like Kami-sama, Boku wa Kidzuite Shimatta?
    Thank you for always providing us the lyrics! It’s always a great help!

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    1. If you are searching for the voice: you need to check out “mafumafu” is the voice of the group (not official said)… musically I really not have idea of similar band… is a bit similar the “Luck Life”.

      I think when I have time I do other lyrics for Kami-sama…. there is a entire album yet to do…


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